Monday, September 24, 2012

Keyboard and Mouse can tell how Internet Addict You Are

I was browsing Facebook (again), when I came upon this picture. Let me share it to you. 
Try to check your mouse and keyboard now!

I am really guilty to these Keyboard's different looks. At school, I learned the "The Quick Brown Fox", and when I got a job at a BPO center, I acquired that lazy shortcuts for navigating tools and pages. Then, when I met a online gamer-addict boyfriend, I enjoyed destroying other keys on the Keyboards. 

Happy weekend bloggers! Hope you will have another great week.

Just me,


  1. haha. i only know the "dutdut" system using my two fingers only :P


  2. Hahaha...i didn't realize that..hehehe guilty! Good thing I still have the proper typing skills too....:)

  3. LOL! Pero totoo nga hahaha! yung gaming ganun na ganun talaga LOL!

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