Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pretty Model Slimming Capsule - BFAD Approved?

Just these past few days, I am really having problem cutting down my carbs intake. So, I gained weight. I cannot slouch when wearing my tight jeggings. I cannot hide unwanted curves when I'm on my fitted shirt. So, I decided to get help AGAIN ;-(
This is the slimming pill with a Hollywood artist in the photo.
Pretty Model Slimming Capsule helped me cut down my carb intake last summer. I lose 5 kg at that time without depriving myself from food. You maybe thinking that I lose weight and still eat. Certainly, no! You will never loose a pound if you don't stop or cut your food intake.Trust me! Especially when you're aging. It's just so hard to slim down your body.

The slimming pill was referred to me by my supervisor. I was inspired, because she did really loose half of her weight. Just one capsule and INSTANTLY, I felt the effect. Again, trust me! I took the pill at around 10:00 AM and by lunch time, I did not feel the hunger. There's no hyper-acidity nor light headedness at the start. I just became so thirsty - and so thirsty the whole day. I could have even sip water for the entire shift at work. I was really shocked when I realized that I already consumed almost 4 L in three hours.
I consumed the pills, but got a really desireable result.

Anyway, I am now blogging about this slimming pill because I just heard from one of the user that this has been featured before in the NEWS. This is one of the top recalled slimming pill brand, because it contains a drug that could really harm the body. It's really so sad that I have to say goodbye using this pill. 

It's really effective and I don't have to suffer from self-deprivation diet. Click HERE to see more pill users. I do exercise, but that don't make me slim. It just keeps me from gaining more weight. Anyone can suggest a better effective, yet SAFE slimming pill?

Just me,


  1. i can't recommend a pill...but id say less carbs and high protein diet plus cardio exercise...:)


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    anyway, good luck at your diet and be sure it doesn't make you sick!! Xx

  3. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. :) If you need help getting to your healthy weight, I can probably help you through healthy-eating and exercise, and you don't have to feel deprived of sweets and such. I still eat chocolates ;) I can tell you how I did it. Nice to connect with you!

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  5. Have you tried Carbtrim? Well, it does not exactly trim down your weight, but it helps you maintain your desired weight, without depriving yourself from carbs. If you drink it together with exercise and diet, that should be effective. It worked for me. =)

  6. Perfect for the weight conscious! I do hope walang side effects para healthy pa rin!

  7. THanks for sharing! My problem is carbs....and after two kids.....hard to lose weight to begin with :(
    I will try it out Want to follow each other????

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  8. Just make sure it doesn't harm you or do anything else to your health dear :) My parents are taking something similar. I just forgot what brand it is.

  9. Hi! Where'd you purchase your pretty model pills?

  10. We Know about this pills, It's really effective for users who wants cut down the carb. Its having no side effects, just use It.

  11. im using it now its my first day and the color of the capsules were green? im worried tuloi if this is authentic... ano ba difference ng pink and green? i hope i cud find d answer to my question thank u ;))

    1. Hi, didnypu pursue the green one? Nefore daw kasi pink ngaun green na lahat

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