Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Korean Actress Lee Da Hae Insulted Filipinos

I was about to sleep when I see this video on Facebook. I don't think I can sleep with the thought that a Korean insulting Filipinos' intonation and accent in speaking English.

The Korean actress is named Lee Da Hae. She's 28 years old from South Korea. She speaks Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese languages. Well, she's undeniably educated and brilliant. I'd like you to watch this video. 

From now on, I'll never accept tutorials from Koreans. If ever I change my mind, I will definitely tell them about this Korean actress' attitude towards Filipinos. 

Just me,

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dear Amalayer

Thank you for those who continue to visit this blog. I stopped writing blog post here, because of the Cybercrime Law. I am a believer of a freedom of speech, but law is law.  No one should be above the law (supposedly). 

For many days now, “Amalayer” girl has attracted a lot of people worldwide. I recently watch interviews telling how devastated her life has become after a “concerned citizen” uploaded the “amalayer” video on the internet. It’s true that she doesn’t deserve the bashing and criticisms he received everyday. She stopped going to school for she’s afraid people would throw stones at her while riding the LRT again. 

 I also agree with some people who convinced me to leave the issue behind. It’s not worth our attention. “Amalayer” story is trending worldwide. It only proves that man by nature is responding to all forms of cruelty. And what she did is really mean. 

 “Amalayer”, read this! I know you’re searching the internet everyday. The lady guard didn’t shout at you. You may just find her statement provocative, but she’s not shouting at all. If she was shouting, the person who took the video could have noticed it and started the video right away. You’re the one who shouted offensively. If this incident didn’t happen? I know you would do that to all guards or people who provoke your ego. If you’re really that educated, you won’t be shouting that loud. The supervisor is already in front of you, and educated person doesn’t stoop down thyself.  

“Amalayer” is also particular with bloggers. Gosh! Please, don’t you dare provoke us? These are our opinions on what had happened. Feel free to comment that you’re really sorry doing that. Stop acting like you don’t enjoy the attention (I know. I stop now.) 

Anyway, I’m just so affected with the videos I’ve watched. CLICK HERE if you’d like to see it yourselves. Please follow me on my favorite blog at

Just me,