Monday, September 24, 2012

Keyboard and Mouse can tell how Internet Addict You Are

I was browsing Facebook (again), when I came upon this picture. Let me share it to you. 
Try to check your mouse and keyboard now!

I am really guilty to these Keyboard's different looks. At school, I learned the "The Quick Brown Fox", and when I got a job at a BPO center, I acquired that lazy shortcuts for navigating tools and pages. Then, when I met a online gamer-addict boyfriend, I enjoyed destroying other keys on the Keyboards. 

Happy weekend bloggers! Hope you will have another great week.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Golden Heart - Story of ROLDAN JIMENEZ PINEDA (63 yrs. old)

I was browsing Facebook when I came up a story on my friend's page. It was shared by Joey Zeyer in Cabagan Square Park fan page. It really made me cry for almost an hour. I realized how thankful I should be in receiving God's unconditional favor and love. Joey's story goes like this:

I am just sharing this picture of a very humble guy named ROLDAN JIMENEZ PINEDA, 63yrs old, from Isabela. You don’t need to read everything if you are lazy, but all I need to ask you is pray for his safety. I am not a writer, but I will try
to tell you the story.

Here's what happened:
Just this windy and rainy morning, I was in my friend's canteen. It is just beside the subdivision where I live. I was chatting with my friend's dad about some business. This humble guy came in
ROLDAN JIMENEZ PINEDA, 63yrs old, from Isabela, Philippines
front caught my attention. He was not asking for money nor anything. Instead, he ordered P5 worth of rice. He cannot even look directly because he feels so shy.He said, "Maaari po bang bumili ng limang pisong kanin?" (Can I have a 5.00-worth of food?) His hair is so wet that's why he covered it with a small towel. His clothes are kinda wet too. When I heard his shaking voice, I can feel that he is tired, cold, and starving. He has a green backpack and a sack with old boxes and plastic bottles. I suddenly felt sorry about him, that my heart was telling me that I need to do something. Instead of me just sitting on my chair, I decided to stand up and tried talking to him. I asked him if that small amount of rice would satisfy him. He said that he was planning to eat some of it and save some, then continue walking til he reach Nueva Ecija which is more than a hundred miles I think. His destination would be Isabela, where he lives. He asked if he can fill his bottle with some water. I said, sure. While I was putting water in his used old bottle, I told him to order some more food so he can eat. Told him not to worry because I will pay it for him. Mang Roldan never asks for money. He earns his own by selling bottles at the junk shops. His eyes turned red, while he was trying to hold his tears. He said that he can’t thank me enough.

MANG ROLDAN: Nahihiya po ako kasi ganito lang suot ko. (I'm quite shy with this clothes.)
ME: Akong bahala po sainyo. Ano pong gusto nyong kainin? (Don't worry, I'll be paying for everything. What do you want to eat?)
MANG ROLDAN: Wala po ako sa posisyon para pumili. Kahit gulay lang po o yung pinakamura. (Oh! I do not have the right to choose. Anything can do. Veges are much cheaper, that certainly can do for me.)
ME: Kailangan nyo pong kumain. Order po kayo kahit ano, yung siguradong mabubusog kayo.

I took his hand so he can walk beside the stand where he can choose. While they were giving him his food, I told him that I need to go home and get some money so I can pay his bill. At home, I grabbed my old camouflage jacket which I gave him.

We talked about his tragic story and his plans. Years ago, he needed to sell their house and lot because his wife had a bone disease. Sadly, everything was spent but his wife didn’t make it. He had 3 children. The first born were twins, died because of bronchopneumonia. While the youngest was ran over by a bus. He tried putting a small business by selling fishballs in Manila, Philippines but in the time of Bayani Fernando, MMDA (government agency) took his carts and destroyed them. Mang Roldan and his family are church people. You can tell with the way he speaks. He visited Pampanga to see his sister/brother. Too bad he wasn’t able to meet the only family that he knows. Hearing his story broke my heart.

I also noticed that he cannot walk straight because of his swollen left leg. “Lumipad yung bato na nadaanan nung gulong ng jeep, tumama sa paa ko” he said. He thanked me for the food and jacket. I handed him some money so he can ride the bus and buy food. He said that he cannot give me anything in return. Seeing him wipe his tears made me feel super sad that it made me cry too. I was speechless. I shaked his hand and told him that his story was enough for me to learn things, and I was happy that I was able to help him. I gave him my umbrella so he will not get wet on his journey. He didn’t want to take it, but I insisted. (I hope my mom won’t notice that her umbrella is missing)

While Mang Roldan was crossing the street I was looking at him. I noticed that he was walking towards a corner. He saw a beggar on the side. You know what he did? He did not share the food that he had, HE GAVE EVERYTHING! Rice, bread, and water. That’s it! That was priceless! I knew that this man is special. He touched my heart. I realized that what I gave him is not even enough. Salt water fell from my eyes. (even while I’m typing now). I decided to go to him when I noticed that busses and jeepneys were not stopping because of discrimination. So we waited for a bus and I took his picture. He smiled and said, “half-body lang ha, nakakahiya may dala akong sako. Hehehe!” (Oh! sure, but just half body coz, I have a sack with me, such a shame!) What a guy! He can still smile after all the things that he went through. Finally, a bus stopped. I told him to act as if he is my uncle. Before he stepped on the bus, he thanked me again. I waved goodbye and said “Ingat Tito, text mo ko kaagad.” (Take care, Uncle. Send me a message when get home). I said it loud so the conductor will hear me.

I don’t know, but he was like an angel that was sent to teach me and realize lots of things. That is why I decided to put it on FB, hoping that you will learn from it. If only I am wealthy enough, I would love to do more things just to help more needy, homeless, poor, deserving people. I also hope I could meet Mang Roldan again, and give him a fishball business or have him help me helping others.

I remember a book written by Father Jerry Orbos, that we should not be just good Samaritans but we need to be Better Samaritans.

You can share this if you want. If not, just please pray that God bless the people like Mang Roldan. May God Bless you too =)

Joey Zeyer 
I was really moved to share this in Facebook, and post it here on blog. Do you think you can do great like what Joey Zeyer did?
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pretty Model Slimming Capsule - BFAD Approved?

Just these past few days, I am really having problem cutting down my carbs intake. So, I gained weight. I cannot slouch when wearing my tight jeggings. I cannot hide unwanted curves when I'm on my fitted shirt. So, I decided to get help AGAIN ;-(
This is the slimming pill with a Hollywood artist in the photo.
Pretty Model Slimming Capsule helped me cut down my carb intake last summer. I lose 5 kg at that time without depriving myself from food. You maybe thinking that I lose weight and still eat. Certainly, no! You will never loose a pound if you don't stop or cut your food intake.Trust me! Especially when you're aging. It's just so hard to slim down your body.

The slimming pill was referred to me by my supervisor. I was inspired, because she did really loose half of her weight. Just one capsule and INSTANTLY, I felt the effect. Again, trust me! I took the pill at around 10:00 AM and by lunch time, I did not feel the hunger. There's no hyper-acidity nor light headedness at the start. I just became so thirsty - and so thirsty the whole day. I could have even sip water for the entire shift at work. I was really shocked when I realized that I already consumed almost 4 L in three hours.
I consumed the pills, but got a really desireable result.

Anyway, I am now blogging about this slimming pill because I just heard from one of the user that this has been featured before in the NEWS. This is one of the top recalled slimming pill brand, because it contains a drug that could really harm the body. It's really so sad that I have to say goodbye using this pill. 

It's really effective and I don't have to suffer from self-deprivation diet. Click HERE to see more pill users. I do exercise, but that don't make me slim. It just keeps me from gaining more weight. Anyone can suggest a better effective, yet SAFE slimming pill?

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Fifty Shades Trilogy – Too Good To Be True

I love books, especially those trendy ones. That means that they are one of the best and entertaining. Great books attract readers, many readers. That’s honestly one factor I look into when choosing what to read, so I purchase e-book Fifty Shades Trilogy at
It was one mundane afternoon when I bumped into Sunny Toast blog post about Fifty Shades. I was intrigued when I “google” the title. It has more fans than Harry Potter series, sexier than Twilight series, and more captivating than any other love stories (even Nicholas Spark's). 

I easily finished Book 1 - Fifty Shades of Grey. It's really a page turner. I started Book 2 - Fifty Shades Darker, and was so engrossed - hoping there will be more books to come. Then, I finally started reading Book 3 - Fifty Shades Freed. 

The story is too erotic for young readers, and apt for adults. I'm really wondering if there are really couples like that. I cannot imagine myself doing those things with those stuffs mentioned. The characters are so loveable, especially Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. I easily fall in love with their story, but I doubt that an "Anastasia Steele" still existed, especially in modern world.

The reading experienced is 100% worthy of my time. You can comment on this post if you're interested to buy the e-books ;-)

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Let's talk about business

Nowadays, budget is really tight. Prices of commodities have gone high. Things have really gone to its maximum level except for the salary. 

I was so confused which bills are needed to be paid. It's just so hard to take note of the DUE DATES when you only have one PAY DAY. So,  I forced myself to produce a list of alternative ways to earn extra income. 

Here's what I have come up:

1. Online Job 
Photo Source
Yes and no for me! Yes, because you can really earn more money out of it. You can register to,, and the like to get an online job with reasonable fix or hourly income. I registered both, but I never get a chance to hold for a job due to my very super POOR slow connection at home. Even now, writing my blog, I have to visit the local internet cafe to finish a blog post without lagging and waiting. Thus, having an online job also needs you to invest a good ISP and PC. 

2. Garage Sale
Photo Source

Just recently, I ransacked my closet and segregate all summer styles including bikinis and cover ups. I decided to launch a "small" garage sale. Luckily, I attracted buyers who love the styles. But I know they are more attracted to the very low price. :-D

3. Buy and Sale
Photo Source
A friend was so busy on his "buy and sale" business. I was thinking, I could maybe invest a little and earn more. I sold my first tablet "Toby", and got the money. I am now selling my PSP for only Php 4900.00. In case anyone of you is interested, feel free to comment and leave your email address or phone number. 

4. Money Lending
Photo Source
This is the very last thing I could think of, but it's actually the most profitable and easy-money way to think of. Alot of people need money, and yes, it's taking advantage of their weakness and vulnerabilities. That's business!

I maybe missing some more exciting small scale business here. I will be more than happy if you can tell me what you can think ;-)

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