Friday, September 7, 2012

Let's talk about business

Nowadays, budget is really tight. Prices of commodities have gone high. Things have really gone to its maximum level except for the salary. 

I was so confused which bills are needed to be paid. It's just so hard to take note of the DUE DATES when you only have one PAY DAY. So,  I forced myself to produce a list of alternative ways to earn extra income. 

Here's what I have come up:

1. Online Job 
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Yes and no for me! Yes, because you can really earn more money out of it. You can register to,, and the like to get an online job with reasonable fix or hourly income. I registered both, but I never get a chance to hold for a job due to my very super POOR slow connection at home. Even now, writing my blog, I have to visit the local internet cafe to finish a blog post without lagging and waiting. Thus, having an online job also needs you to invest a good ISP and PC. 

2. Garage Sale
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Just recently, I ransacked my closet and segregate all summer styles including bikinis and cover ups. I decided to launch a "small" garage sale. Luckily, I attracted buyers who love the styles. But I know they are more attracted to the very low price. :-D

3. Buy and Sale
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A friend was so busy on his "buy and sale" business. I was thinking, I could maybe invest a little and earn more. I sold my first tablet "Toby", and got the money. I am now selling my PSP for only Php 4900.00. In case anyone of you is interested, feel free to comment and leave your email address or phone number. 

4. Money Lending
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This is the very last thing I could think of, but it's actually the most profitable and easy-money way to think of. Alot of people need money, and yes, it's taking advantage of their weakness and vulnerabilities. That's business!

I maybe missing some more exciting small scale business here. I will be more than happy if you can tell me what you can think ;-)

Just me, 


  1. hello phioxee :) I agree with you totally, money is really tight. Prices or commodities and services are sky rocketing! We can't just depend on our monthly income anymore. I have an online job and it's true that we need to invest on a dependable but affordable web connection to be able to keep the job. When all else fails however, we can run to the closest i-cafe.

    With regards to the other sources of extra bucks, I haven't tried it..maybe if I get fired by my online employer. LOL.

  2. Those are really good strategies to earn more, I do have and Odesk account and worked online, it great working at home :D

  3. i totally agree....i would also like to invest into something....the best way to start is to start small....we'll be good partners...hahaha


  4. if you can make something with your hands, then you've got something to sell! at least that's my motto.. from burloloy to baked goodies, name it, I'll make it! hahahahaha!

  5. You can try RareJob. It's an online tutoring job and you get paid by the hour :) You can even do it in your own home. Odesk is only good if you do a lot of jobs because that will raise your status. About your comment in my post, you can get any of those items for free if you purchase at least $50 worth of their items. :)

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