Monday, April 1, 2013


There is really no such thing as UNLIMITED when it comes to call and text with our local network providers here in the Philippines. In fact, this has been a standard business practice worldwide.

Are you guys AWARE of the Fair Use policy of Smart, Globe, and Sun networks? Yes, there is such thing as fair use policy. In the US, it is called Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). It means that your UNLIMITED call and text are not really meant to be unlimited if you already reached the maximum call minutes and text messages. This is to control the use of the bandwidth or the usage to accommodate all the prepaid users nationwide. Unless you have a monthly plan with these network providers, you'll be prioritized and can really enjoy the UNLIMITED services.
If you're a prepaid SUN mobile user, you'll have to wait for about 15 minutes to call another Sun number for free. With Globe unlimited promos, you can call right away without waiting, but the network will stop you after consecutive opportunities of calling other Globe numbers.  
Worst of all is Smart network. After exhausting your allowable minutes for your unlimited promo, you won't be able to call again until your promo expires. There are even times that you can no longer send a text message, because you exhausted them all by sending nonsense group messages to all your Contacts.
You don't believe me? Try to read their Fair Use Policies. You can also call their Customer Service to ask honest answers about this matter. Just mention Fair Use Policy right away, so you won't have to receive sugar-coated answers. 


Guys, we don't have to complain about it, we just have to be AWARE of it. 


Just me,