Thursday, August 23, 2012

Human Trafficking - Modern Slavery

I attended a concert last Friday about human trafficking awareness. I blog about it before I visited the event. I want to share you some photos of the event.
the concert
The concert started at 8:00 PM, but we're a little early, so we decided to join the different activities. The concert was launched by Movement of Anti-Trafficking Advocates (MATA) and MTV End Exploitation And Trafficking (MTV EXIT).

Got this picture with excitement
I want to get a baller for souvenir , but I must register first.
I did sign up.
And so as my friend. She did not have a choice, but to be convinced.
I asked one of the facilitator for a picture-taking, but for the caption on his back. lol
super AWARE youth in the concert lol
I am an ADVOCATE now.
The concert ended at 10:00 PM.
I went home earlier that night with thoughts about how reality bites. We go out, we party, and we enjoy, yet there are really those people who are fighting for their survival and deprive of happiness we overly enjoyed. Please be AWARE of these people. Let's report any incidence of modern slavery. Be an anti-Human Trafficking advocate!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Facebook Report - Lesson Learned the Hardway

Today's holiday, so I devoted myself in browsing the internet even until this very hour (12:01 AM Eastern Time). An unexpected incident happened to my Facebook account, and my whole day was totally devastated. Instead of spending it with blogging and reading blogs, I ended up crying and waiting for Facebook Support to reply to my emails. Not to mention that it was a real hard to find and GUESS what's Facebook's contact email address. Please post a comment if you want to know their email address. 
Please like the page ;-)
Before the incident, I was tweaking settings on my newly created Facebook blog Fan page. Please like the page HERE. I joined the fan page with my personal Facebook account, so I can only use one single logins to access both. I mistakenly created the page using a separate email account, so I have two set of logins – Gmail for my fan page and Yahoo for my personal account. I thought I mistakenly disabled my personal account, so my head was really spinning and I got a tension migraine. It’s really sickening to imagine losing those albums of photos. 

Yes, it’s quite true that the logins were messed up, but that was not the main reason why my account was disabled. I finally realized that I could use Facebook email address with same password to access it. FORTUNATE me, I was able to access it and got the message that someone reported a photo for nudity and pornography. I was really stunned when I recalled that bitch who really requested me to remove the photo on my wall. 
I do not want to be reported again, so I chose not to enlarge the photo. The gay there is enjoying the attention, and his photo is circulating the internet. I only intended to share this to my Facebook friends.

The photo was yes disturbing, but come on! I only have 500 friends, and most of them are classmates and colleagues except for online stores on Facebook selling shoes and bags. I added them, but some added me – especially that bitch. How really date her to do that to me, when in fact she’s spamming the whole time with her espadrilles photos. I hated her shoes, because it’s really so cheap (not the price but the look). She added me, and I didn’t expect her to do that to me, because the photo I posted was indeed humorous. 

I redeemed my account and reported her for harassing me. I didn’t do anything to her. In fact, I blocked her from seeing that photo after her request, so it was not appearing on her newsfeed. Why on Earth she has to do that to me? Lesson learned? Never post photos your friends may not like. And, NEVER add someone you do not personally know!
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Monday, August 20, 2012

More Beautiful Wanderer

I just recently changed my website templates. I am so happy that both my great bestfriends are there to help me. From the new templates up to my Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest clickables.  I am so happy that I have them on my blog. I am now inspired to update it once or twice a week. It's a travel blog, so that means I have to visit places at least five times a month.

Check the new look of "Wanderer"

You can check how lovely and beautiful their sites as well. You can view their blog below:

This is Grah's blog about travel and places she visited. You can click on the link and follow her as well.

This is Gagay's blog about travel and tour information. Please follow her in case you want to know more about travel in Philippines.
I really hope you can extend more time to visit their blog and leave comments or follow them would be much more appreciated. Thank you and have a good day!

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

FAT or SKINNY or MODERATE - can be unhealthy!

I was so stunned when I heard that a colleague at the office is now in the Intensive Care Unit after maybe a possible heart attack. What's so shocking is that he's just only 22 year old and has a "very good" physique. He's not fat neither skinny. He’s even one of the good-looking sexy guys at our office. 
Why am I blogging about this? NO, I don’t have a crush on him – a bit, YES, but the thing is that he was said to be from his regular jogging exercise when he went home and collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital was in the Intensive Care Unit.  Not a clue why he suddenly collapsed and now at the hospital. 
Meet Mr. Thrombi and Mr. Emboli guys. (I am no medical person here) but once our blood vessels (BV) expand due to exercise, OUR deposits of cholesterol/nicotine/etc. called THROMBI may dislodge from the wall of our BV and will have the opportunity to travel to small BV called EMBOLI. Where can we find small BV? in the HEART and BRAIN. What happen when they clog our BV? no blood circulation. What next? death? No,not yet. No OXYGEN, then DEATH of the vessel first, then if luckily we're hospitalized, we can survived.
The grim reality is NOT because we’re chubby, fat, and eat junkies, we’re sickly. Neither, we’re healthy, because we exercise and eat nutritious foods. We cannot really tell how well we are until doctors confirmed that we are not. Let’s be AWARE of body stat even we’re still young and looking-healthy. Click HERE to read more.
Mr Doctor will take care of you!
I supposed most of you do not have a favorite doctor. Well, who would have want a doctor as a favorite, but the point is, we, at least get to visit a doctor even once in a year. It’s really your choice - to visit the doctor for body supplement’s or for medicine and maintenance prescription?! CHOOSE!

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PS. Need to put this, because right now, he's recovering and already in a private room.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Senator Tito Sotto - A Thief?

I was browsing blogs on the internet when I bumped into Sarah Pope's blog "On Plagiarism, The Pill, and Presumptuousness". Blogger Sarah confirmed that Senator Tito Sotto totally copied her ideas word for word when he delivered the speech on the Senate floor Monday about how contraceptives affects unborn babies. The Senator even mentioned his own son 37 years ago as his example.
Copy from Blogger Bong Mendoza
Yes, it was a real teary-jerky speech, and I am almost convince with the sincere tone, but enough, he stole the idea from Sarah and did not recognize the blogger. The Senator's word during his interview with ABS-CBN, a news network in the Philippines goes like "Why would I quote the blogger? I was quoting Natasha McBride". Gosh! How did he have the guts to say that when he was really stealing Sarah's ideas word for word. Sarah used her own ideas on the blog and not from the book by a Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.
Blogger Sarah Pope whom words copied by Philippine Senator Tito Sotto
Just this afternoon, I've read news that Atty. Hector A. Villacorta, he's lawyer, admitted that Senator's staff did copy from from a US-based blog, but he denied committing plagiarism. NO plagiarism, because blogs are not copyrighted. Well, that is correct, but being a man of honor - a Senator - we have to be careful not to practice the act of stealing!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

MATA - Movement of Anti-Trafficking Advocates

Tomorrow I will be having fun because:
MATA Traffick Jam
WHEN:  August17, 2012 - Friday 6:00 PM
WHERE: Freedom Park, Dumaguete City
WHY:    To help raise awareness on human trafficking in Dumaguete City
Kyle Patrick of Click Five
In lieu of MATA's vision that is "to inspire young people to build a world where everyone enjoys freedom", the concert will be for FREE, so all young people and young at hearts will be aware that an organization like MATA is active in the society. 

Their MISSION is to be an "advocate and to create awareness among the youth towards prevention of trafficking in communities." 

I hope to see you guys tomorrow at 6:00 PM. Let's jam and have fun together.

Just me, 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Phioxee - My website

I finally own a website. My friend Gagay bought me a domain for $12.00 a year. I was so happy when I finally own OFFICIALLY This used to be
please meet Wanderer
The domain was bought at You can visit their site and sign up. It's for free! You can definitely buy promotional domain, and renewable every year. It's so easy to manage. 

I am now planning to change themes and templates on my website. I will also post more about my travels and getaways this year. I hope you guys can share where I can do get FREE templates. 

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lexter - My Kodak Digicam

well, it's so hard to start from the scratch. I have to edit the URL of this blog, and i have to delete blogs I do not use. But luckily, I got everything fixed. So here I am blogging about whatever I have in mind.

Since I introduce Toby last time - my PC tablet, which I'm using right now - I also want to introduce LEXTER, my Kodak Digital camera. I don't want to further discuss it's specs 'coz I'm not really amazed with it.

Nevertheless, Lexter is a very useful tool for blogger. Agree? Yes, though we're not aiming for a photoblog, most of us are really fond of viewing photos first. If we don't understand what's in the photo, that's the time we hover the captions and read further the blog text :-)

I have this friend, a blogger, who hates followers and readers who don't read the entire blog text. She found ways how to attract her followers to read her blog by making quizes like how many periods and sentenses were there and etc. I really laugh at her, but she really have a point. What we right is much more important than the photos unless of course it's a Photoblog.

I hope you guys are AWARE that words and text in blog are the real thoughts of the blogger you follow.

Just Me,

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Toby - The Android PC Tablet on the go

I was wondering what my first post would be for this blog until today. Why not blog about my new blog tool TOBY the Android PC Tablet I bought in the mall?!
I bought him for only $127.00 :-) Yes, he is so cheap, but compared to other PC tablet, it has a lot of plus. Apple's iPad and Blackberry Playbook are way too expensive for me. Samsung's tablet offers unreasonable prices for a tab with low specs. So, I opted Pavizio - a Taiwan brand name. Yes, it's China made, but all mentioned are all China made.

Pavizio X1 is an Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwhich) OS tablet that offers a PC-like User Interface. Toby includes Wireless (802.11 a/b/n) and 3G dongle capacity, so I can use him in Wi-Fi hotspot or anywhere with my Smart and Globe dongle stick :-)

He also has a dual-core processor up to 1.5 Ghz, so it's quite faster though I admit I couldn't get away with Android's knowm lagging issue in the market. The camera is only infront good for face-to-face chat with Skype or YM. If you would use it for photo, you have to bear with the 1.3 M pixels.

But what I love the most with Toby is that, it can play HD movies in HD resolution, and can access Flash Player compatible websites. I also can read my eBooks, but lately, there seems to be a problem loading some PD file.

I really bought Toby for blogging purposes, so guys I'll be online most of the time. Feel free to post your comments. I'd super love to follow you as well.

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