Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lexter - My Kodak Digicam

well, it's so hard to start from the scratch. I have to edit the URL of this blog, and i have to delete blogs I do not use. But luckily, I got everything fixed. So here I am blogging about whatever I have in mind.

Since I introduce Toby last time - my PC tablet, which I'm using right now - I also want to introduce LEXTER, my Kodak Digital camera. I don't want to further discuss it's specs 'coz I'm not really amazed with it.

Nevertheless, Lexter is a very useful tool for blogger. Agree? Yes, though we're not aiming for a photoblog, most of us are really fond of viewing photos first. If we don't understand what's in the photo, that's the time we hover the captions and read further the blog text :-)

I have this friend, a blogger, who hates followers and readers who don't read the entire blog text. She found ways how to attract her followers to read her blog by making quizes like how many periods and sentenses were there and etc. I really laugh at her, but she really have a point. What we right is much more important than the photos unless of course it's a Photoblog.

I hope you guys are AWARE that words and text in blog are the real thoughts of the blogger you follow.

Just Me,


  1. Agree on that....envy much on your new toy Lexter..nice namey by the really are a pro at naming things...:)


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