Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Facebook Report - Lesson Learned the Hardway

Today's holiday, so I devoted myself in browsing the internet even until this very hour (12:01 AM Eastern Time). An unexpected incident happened to my Facebook account, and my whole day was totally devastated. Instead of spending it with blogging and reading blogs, I ended up crying and waiting for Facebook Support to reply to my emails. Not to mention that it was a real hard to find and GUESS what's Facebook's contact email address. Please post a comment if you want to know their email address. 
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Before the incident, I was tweaking settings on my newly created Facebook blog Fan page. Please like the page HERE. I joined the fan page with my personal Facebook account, so I can only use one single logins to access both. I mistakenly created the page using a separate email account, so I have two set of logins – Gmail for my fan page and Yahoo for my personal account. I thought I mistakenly disabled my personal account, so my head was really spinning and I got a tension migraine. It’s really sickening to imagine losing those albums of photos. 

Yes, it’s quite true that the logins were messed up, but that was not the main reason why my account was disabled. I finally realized that I could use Facebook email address with same password to access it. FORTUNATE me, I was able to access it and got the message that someone reported a photo for nudity and pornography. I was really stunned when I recalled that bitch who really requested me to remove the photo on my wall. 
I do not want to be reported again, so I chose not to enlarge the photo. The gay there is enjoying the attention, and his photo is circulating the internet. I only intended to share this to my Facebook friends.

The photo was yes disturbing, but come on! I only have 500 friends, and most of them are classmates and colleagues except for online stores on Facebook selling shoes and bags. I added them, but some added me – especially that bitch. How really date her to do that to me, when in fact she’s spamming the whole time with her espadrilles photos. I hated her shoes, because it’s really so cheap (not the price but the look). She added me, and I didn’t expect her to do that to me, because the photo I posted was indeed humorous. 

I redeemed my account and reported her for harassing me. I didn’t do anything to her. In fact, I blocked her from seeing that photo after her request, so it was not appearing on her newsfeed. Why on Earth she has to do that to me? Lesson learned? Never post photos your friends may not like. And, NEVER add someone you do not personally know!
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  1. nakaka badtrip ang ganun....already in my blog list at stage 2...awareness..

  2. The lessons learned are indeed true. It doesn't matter how few friends you have on every social networking sites, what matters most is you know each one of them....we need to be careful....xx!


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