Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Phioxee - My website

I finally own a website. My friend Gagay bought me a domain for $12.00 a year. I was so happy when I finally own OFFICIALLY This used to be
please meet Wanderer
The domain was bought at You can visit their site and sign up. It's for free! You can definitely buy promotional domain, and renewable every year. It's so easy to manage. 

I am now planning to change themes and templates on my website. I will also post more about my travels and getaways this year. I hope you guys can share where I can do get FREE templates. 

Just me,


  1. congrats for having your own website... :)

  2. nice blog you have here admin... you have a cool template.. visit me back CLICK HERE follow me and I will follow yours. :) BTW great article you have here...


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