Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Call Center Agent

Are we aware why there are a lot of Business Process Outsource companies in the Philippines? No? Alright, yes we are. That's because we offer cheap labor. Why? Simply because jobs are not enough to accomodate job-hunting Filipinos. There are needed services, but the budget for jobs is not enough to sustain salaries. Thus, you would see a lot of people working for different works but bearing one job title. We have manpower, but we don't have financial resources. 

But according to an economist who quoted from HERE, that once dollar falls to 39 Philippine Peso, many of these BPO companies might close. Well, a sad realization that we cannot get happy enough when our own currency strikes against foreign currencies. We're just too dependent on imported - not just goods - but with JOBS. 

I really hope our nation would soon come up with a strategic plan to somehow sustain our own people with our own companies.

Just me, 

P.S I'm a call center agent, and I'm not thankful that I have to work for foreign companies and let them use my capabilities.