Saturday, August 18, 2012

FAT or SKINNY or MODERATE - can be unhealthy!

I was so stunned when I heard that a colleague at the office is now in the Intensive Care Unit after maybe a possible heart attack. What's so shocking is that he's just only 22 year old and has a "very good" physique. He's not fat neither skinny. He’s even one of the good-looking sexy guys at our office. 
Why am I blogging about this? NO, I don’t have a crush on him – a bit, YES, but the thing is that he was said to be from his regular jogging exercise when he went home and collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital was in the Intensive Care Unit.  Not a clue why he suddenly collapsed and now at the hospital. 
Meet Mr. Thrombi and Mr. Emboli guys. (I am no medical person here) but once our blood vessels (BV) expand due to exercise, OUR deposits of cholesterol/nicotine/etc. called THROMBI may dislodge from the wall of our BV and will have the opportunity to travel to small BV called EMBOLI. Where can we find small BV? in the HEART and BRAIN. What happen when they clog our BV? no blood circulation. What next? death? No,not yet. No OXYGEN, then DEATH of the vessel first, then if luckily we're hospitalized, we can survived.
The grim reality is NOT because we’re chubby, fat, and eat junkies, we’re sickly. Neither, we’re healthy, because we exercise and eat nutritious foods. We cannot really tell how well we are until doctors confirmed that we are not. Let’s be AWARE of body stat even we’re still young and looking-healthy. Click HERE to read more.
Mr Doctor will take care of you!
I supposed most of you do not have a favorite doctor. Well, who would have want a doctor as a favorite, but the point is, we, at least get to visit a doctor even once in a year. It’s really your choice - to visit the doctor for body supplement’s or for medicine and maintenance prescription?! CHOOSE!

Just me,

PS. Need to put this, because right now, he's recovering and already in a private room.

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