Thursday, October 4, 2012

Online LIBEL

Well, I am not blogging to vent or rant about the already PASSED Cybercrime Prevention Act also known as Cybercrime Law. I just want to "express" my disgust on one of its provisions regarding online libel, which we know that can be used to curtail freedom of expression ONLINE. It's certainly unconstitutional. I am a PolSci graduate, and I have memorized The Philippine Consitutition for four years, so I know what's unconsitutional is. (This is for those antipathetic people reading my blog.)
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The Law like any other laws of the land protects its citizens, including its netizens. We read a lot of bashing, cyber-bullying, and defamation through social networks and forums. Yes, these are all unacceptable, but at least we know that democracy is on the air. 

I admit that Cybercrime Law is a necessity for our protection in cyberspace. With the advent of modernization, our Laws of the Land must also be updated to all forms of crimes and injustices using new devices and gadgets. Hackers are even more aggressive in destroying websites and blogs just for fun. I certainly want these peoples be responsible for their no good behaviors. 
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But the thing is that, the Cybercrime Law has some provisions that are really questionable. Activist and Organized Groups are just trying to petition to change the law and not to totally abort it. 
Our 1987 Constitution clearly defines what a lawmaker should consider in passing laws of our nation. NO LAW SHALL BE ABRIDGING freedom of speech, of expression... Gosh! Even a schooler can tell what does it mean. Anyway, I am just expressing no ranting, so I have to be calm now. 

Thank you for listening. Let's just be AWARE for anything.

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  1. This is really an issue for everybody here online since we are blogging and we speak our minds for that matter. I just hope the minority won't be bullied by this law someday!


  2. labag nga sa batas iyan.....Article III: Bill of Rights, section 4: No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression, or of the press, etc....kung ano ang gusto niya siyang masusunod....grabeh na ito...


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