Friday, October 5, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness

It's the first week of October! I know that all you have in mind is the October Fest. Well, October is not all about beers and parties. It's actually more popular for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). It's internationally recognized campaign to increase awareness and raise funds for research about this type of cancer.
World - Let's be PINK

USA - Pink White House on October 2008

NEW ZEALAND - October 2009
PHILIPPINES - October 201 Healthymagination Walk by GE

If not for the popular Black photos on Facebook for protest  on Cybercrime Law, you may be seeing Pink color on most profiles this month. We should know that Breast Cancer is the leading cancer in the country (Philippines). Next to that is Cervical Cancer. These two cancer types are mostly affecting women. I hope you girls out there participate in this campaign. A simple color PINK on your Facebook, blog, Twitter, and other social networking sites is a great step to let the nation know that this is really alarming. 

If you have a MOTHER, SISTER, GIRLFRIEND, and a WOMAN, click HERE. Let's participate in Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. Let's put some color PINK to help raise awareness on our advocate to prevent Breast Cancer. Let's be aware and participate!

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  1. love love love yous post :) congrats !

  2. Thanks to you, nalaman ko to kahit november na:)

  3. Thank you for this post, reminding us all to be aware:)
    Thank u too for visiting my humble blog and leaving a sweet comment re Ilocos empanada:)

  4. Meron din pala kami dito event for fighting breast cancer. Tomorrow actually ay meron kaming zumba marathon for that cause. D lang ko makapunta dahil invited ako sa usang bday party.

  5. isang magandang events... sana hindi na dumami ang ganitong karamdaman...

  6. I love how you care. You truly are making a difference.



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