Thursday, February 7, 2013

Robbery at ATM machine

I just wanted to share something to the public.
Not of all of us know about this emergency sequencer, and worse, not all banks are doing this security measure, especially in the Philippines. This technology definitely exist, but this does not exist in our country. Only the United States law enforces this type of technology in most banks.

Just me, 


  1. Thanks for the info....i didn't know that indai...:P


  2. Dito kaya, mayroon ding ganyan? Baka pag i try ko, either police will be alerted or the ATM machine will hold my card. Sana nga may protection everywhere dahil kapag nag withdraw ako sa Manila, para akong holdaper, tingin ng tingin sa paligid ko.

  3. Horrible.
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    Thank you.


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